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Interior Design is making the best possible use of the available space. a space that calls for family gatherings, a space that connects us to our loved ones, & a space where we can relax & recharge for a new day.It's a known fact that our surroundings are sources of comfort and inspiration. A home should reflect who you are & collections of things you love.


My design process starts by drawing inspiration from your experiences and lifestyle to create a concept. I lead you through the design process,including consulting on specifying fixtures, color palettes, furnishings and accessories to tie together the design concept.


 I graduated in 1997 with an associate's degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. After about a year in 1998 we moved to Abilene. Although I didn't start working till after both kids started school,art & design were still a big part of my life. So when the opportunity came to design our first home i enjoyed every minute of  it. After moving into the new house,The kids and I decided to paint a mural for fun in their bedroom with a scene from their favorite story, The Jungle-book. I just fell in love with those huge floor to ceiling canvases, and through word of mouth (perks of being in a small town) I started getting job requests to do murals. Today, one of the most satisfying things to me is the twinkle in a kid's eye when they see their favorite characters come to life. 

 Whether i am designing the interior of an entire home or providing a fresh perspective to spruce up an existing space, My goal is creating a functional and flexible space that is family friendly, easy to maintain and reflects your personality.

Thank you for your time as you browse though the portfolio of my work.

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Services offered


Space planning

Perspectives,Elevations,Floor plans

Color renderings

Coordinating with Architects & Contractors

Selection Of

Materials & finishes

Lighting & Plumbing fixtures

Furniture,window treatments,Art,Rugs & Accessories

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